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Welcome To Great Northern Leonbergers

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Montana, just south of Glacier National Park, lies the little village of Bigfork, home of Great Northern Leonbergers. My association with Leonbergers began in 2000, when I saw a handsome male Leo walking down the sidewalk, and immediately chased down Dave Neptune and Rambo. After petting Rambo a bit, and talking to his owner, I fell in love with the breed! Thanks, Dave, for the introduction to not only the wonderful dogs, but a whole new passion in my life!

The aim here at Great Northern Leonbergers is to breed healthy, happy and well-socialized leonberger puppies who fit the breed standard as closely as possible. To this aim, I only breed when I feel that the pairing can be an asset to the breed as a whole. My puppies are all whelped and raised in my home, and given much love and attention in their early lives, resulting in a confident and happy adult. My four females and I enjoy all the wonderful outdoor opportunities that abound here in Montana, and enjoy hiking, swimming, and cross-country skiing. They also enjoy the run of my home, and can be found napping in all the best spots!

I've been a proud member of the Leonberger Club of America since 2001, and adhere to the club's good breeding practices, which includes health testing of any prospective breeders: hip and elbow x-rays, Cerf eye exams, and thyroid and heart testing. The Leonberger Club of America (LCA) is the parent club for the breed as we become accepted into the world of the AKC. The LCA works very diligently towards educating prospective puppy buyers to make sure that the Leonberger is the right breed for them, and also has close ties with the two Leo rescue organizations, with the goal that every Leo puppy has a loving, forever home.